Our playlist: Valentin on love and passion in the history of Gibelin

Valentin is the other half at the core of Gibelin. He usually shuns the spotlight and likes to capture the emotions of the events clearly in his memories from behind the scenes. In part two of the series “Our playlist”, where we introduce to you the agency team, Valentin takes us on a journey which begins in the late 1980s. This is Gibelin’s story of love, passion and more.

Our playlist: Dilyana from Gibelin on musical roots and memorable collaborations

Did you know that Gibelin Agency’s first logo represents a human figure going down to a cellar in the shape of a vinyl record? Music and the underground scene have always been the heart and inspiration of Gibelin. In the first instalment of the series “Our Playlist”, co-founder Dilyana shares her memories and experiences related to ten of her favorite songs, linking past, present and future.